montreal_forced_aligner.helper.overlap_scoring(first_element, second_element, silence_phone, mapping=None)[source]#

Method to calculate overlap scoring

\[\begin{split}Score = -(\lvert begin_{1} - begin_{2} \rvert + \lvert end_{1} - end_{2} \rvert + \begin{cases} 0, & if label_{1} = label_{2} \\ 2, & otherwise \end{cases})\end{split}\]

See also

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For a detailed example that using this metric

  • first_element (CtmInterval) – First CTM interval to compare

  • second_element (CtmInterval) – Second CTM interval

  • mapping (Optional[dict[str, str]]) – Optional mapping of phones to treat as matches even if they have different symbols


Score calculated as the negative sum of the absolute different in begin timestamps, absolute difference in end timestamps and the label score

Return type: