class montreal_forced_aligner.alignment.multiprocessing.AlignmentExtractionArguments(job_name, session, log_path, working_directory, lexicon_compilers, transition_model, frame_shift, score_options, confidence, transcription, use_g2p)[source]#

Bases: MfaArguments

Arguments for AlignmentExtractionFunction

  • job_name (int) – Integer ID of the job

  • db_string (str) – String for database connections

  • log_path (Path) – Path to save logging information during the run

  • model_path (Path) – Acoustic model path

  • frame_shift (float) – Frame shift in seconds

  • ali_paths (dict[int, Path]) – Per dictionary alignment paths

  • text_int_paths (dict[int, Path]) – Per dictionary text SCP paths

  • phone_symbol_path (Path) – Path to phone symbols table

  • score_options (dict[str, Any]) – Options for Kaldi functions