class montreal_forced_aligner.dictionary.mixins.DictionaryMixin(oov_word='<unk>', silence_word='<eps>', optional_silence_phone='sil', oov_phone='spn', other_noise_phone=None, position_dependent_phones=False, num_silence_states=5, num_non_silence_states=3, shared_silence_phones=False, ignore_case=True, silence_probability=0.5, initial_silence_probability=0.5, final_silence_correction=None, final_non_silence_correction=None, punctuation=None, clitic_markers=None, compound_markers=None, quote_markers=None, word_break_markers=None, brackets=None, non_silence_phones=None, disambiguation_symbols=None, clitic_set=None, max_disambiguation_symbol=0, phone_set_type='UNKNOWN', preserve_suprasegmentals=False, base_phone_mapping=None, use_cutoff_model=False, cutoff_word='<cutoff>', **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: object

Abstract class for MFA classes that use acoustic models

  • oov_word (str) – What to label words not in the dictionary, defaults to '<unk>'

  • position_dependent_phones (bool) – Specifies whether phones should be represented as dependent on their position in the word (beginning, middle or end), defaults to True

  • num_silence_states (int) – Number of states to use for silence phones, defaults to 5

  • num_non_silence_states (int) – Number of states to use for non-silence phones, defaults to 3

  • shared_silence_phones (bool) – Specify whether to share states across all silence phones, defaults to False

  • ignore_case (bool) – Flag for whether all items should be converted to lower case, defaults to True

  • silence_probability (float) – Probability of optional silences following words, defaults to 0.5

  • initial_silence_probability (float) – Probability of initial silence, defaults to 0.5

  • final_silence_correction (float) – Correction term on final silence, defaults to None

  • final_non_silence_correction (float) – Correction term on final non-silence, defaults to None

  • punctuation (str, optional) – Punctuation to use when parsing text

  • clitic_markers (str, optional) – Clitic markers to use when parsing text

  • compound_markers (str, optional) – Compound markers to use when parsing text

  • quote_markers (list[str], optional) – Quotation markers to use when parsing text

  • word_break_markers (list[str], optional) – Word break markers to use when parsing text

  • brackets (list[tuple[str, str], optional) – Character tuples to treat as full brackets around words

  • clitic_set (set[str]) – Set of clitic words

  • disambiguation_symbols (set[str]) – Set of disambiguation symbols

  • max_disambiguation_symbol (int) – Maximum number of disambiguation symbols required, defaults to 0

  • preserve_suprasegmentals (int) – Flag for whether to keep phones separated by tone and stress

  • base_phone_mapping (dict[str, str]) – Mapping between phone symbols to make them share a base root for decision trees

property base_phones#

Grouped phones by base phone


Checks whether a given string is surrounded by brackets.


word (str) – Text to check for final brackets


True if the word is fully bracketed, false otherwise

Return type:


property dictionary_options#

Dictionary options

property extra_questions_mapping#

Mapping of extra questions for the given phone set type


Get the base phone, either through stripping diacritics, tone, and/or stress


phone (str) – Phone used in pronunciation dictionary


Base phone

Return type:


property kaldi_grouped_phones#

Non silence phones in Kaldi format

property kaldi_non_silence_phones#

Non silence phones in Kaldi format

property kaldi_silence_phones#

Silence phones in Kaldi format

property phone_mapping#

Mapping of phones to integer IDs

property phones#

The set of all phones (silence and non-silence)

property positional_non_silence_phones#

List of non-silence phones with positions

property positional_silence_phones#

List of silence phones with positions

property reversed_phone_mapping#

A mapping of integer ids to phones

property silence_disambiguation_symbol#

Silence disambiguation symbol

property silence_phones#

Silence phones

property silence_symbols#

A colon-separated string of silence phone ids

property specials_set#

Special words, like the oov_word silence_word, <s>, and </s>