class montreal_forced_aligner.alignment.multiprocessing.ExportTextGridProcessWorker(db_string, for_write_queue, return_queue, stopped, finished_adding, export_frame_shift, cleanup_textgrids, clitic_marker, output_directory, output_format, include_original_text)[source]#

Bases: Process

Multiprocessing worker for exporting TextGrids

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Main function that runs this worker in parallel

  • for_write_queue (Queue) – Input queue of files to export

  • stopped (Event) – Stop check for processing

  • finished_adding (Event) – Input signal that all jobs have been added and no more new ones will come in

  • textgrid_errors (dict[str, str]) – Dictionary for storing errors encountered

  • arguments (ExportTextGridArguments) – Arguments to pass to the TextGrid export function

  • exported_file_count (Counter) – Counter for exported files


Run the exporter function