Exception classes#

MFAError(base_error_message, *args, **kwargs)

Base exception class


Class for errors in calling and finding Sox

G2PError(base_error_message, *args, **kwargs)

Exception class for errors in G2P

ConfigError(base_error_message, *args, **kwargs)

Exception class for errors in configuration

LMError(base_error_message, *args, **kwargs)

Exception class for errors in language models


Exception class for a language model not being found

ModelExtensionError(name, model_type, extensions)

Exception class for a model not having the correct extension

ThirdpartyError(binary_name[, open_fst, ...])

Exception class for errors in third party binary (usually Kaldi or OpenFst)

TrainerError(base_error_message, *args, **kwargs)

Exception class for errors in trainers

ModelError(base_error_message, *args, **kwargs)

Exception class related to MFA model archives

CorpusError(base_error_message, *args, **kwargs)

Class for errors in creating Corpus objects


Exception during loading of a model archive


Class for errors in reading a file

ArgumentError(base_error_message, *args, ...)

Exception class for errors parsing command line arguments

AlignmentExportError(path, error_lines)

Class for errors in exporting alignments

NoSuccessfulAlignments(base_error_message, ...)

Class for errors where nothing could be aligned

KaldiProcessingError(error_logs[, log_file])

Exception class for when a Kaldi binary has an exception


Class for errors parsing lab and txt files

TextGridParseError(file_name, error)

Class capturing TextGrid reading errors

DictionaryError(base_error_message, *args, ...)

Exception class for errors in creating dictionary objects


Exception class for errors in creating MultispeakerDictionary objects


Exception class for errors in locating paths for dictionary objects


Exception class for file type being wrong for DictionaryModel objects


Exception class for not finding a specified file

PretrainedModelNotFoundError(name[, ...])

Exception class for not finding a specified pretrained model

MultipleModelTypesFoundError(name, ...)

Exception class for finding multiple model types that could map to a given name

ModelTypeNotSupportedError(model_type, ...)

Exception class for a model type not being supported


Exception class for when an acoustic model and pronunciation dictionary have different phone sets

RootDirectoryError(temporary_directory, variable)

Exception class for errors using the MFA_ROOT_DIR