montreal_forced_aligner.multiprocessing.convert_ali_to_textgrids(align_config, output_directory, model_directory, dictionary, corpus, num_jobs, config)[source]

Multiprocessing function that aligns based on the current model


for more details on the Kaldi binaries this function calls.

Also see for the bash script that this function was based on.

output_directory : str

Directory to write TextGrid files to

model_directory : str

Directory of training (monophone, triphone, speaker-adapted triphone training directories)

dictionary : Dictionary

Dictionary object that has information about pronunciations

corpus : AlignableCorpus

Corpus object that has information about the dataset

num_jobs : int

The number of processes to use in calculation


If the files per speaker exceeds the number of files that are allowed to be open on the computer (for Unix-based systems)