montreal_forced_aligner.multiprocessing.calc_fmllr(directory, split_directory, sil_phones, num_jobs, config, initial=False, iteration=None)[source]

Multiprocessing function that computes speaker adaptation (fMLLR)


for more details on the Kaldi binary this runs.

Also see for the original bash script that this function was based on.

directory : str

Directory of training (triphone, speaker-adapted triphone training directories)

split_directory : str

Directory of training data split into the number of jobs

sil_phones : str

Colon-separated list of silence phones

num_jobs : int

The number of processes to use in calculation

config : TriphoneFmllrConfig

Configuration object for training

initial : bool, optional

Whether this is the first computation of speaker-adaptation, defaults to False

iteration : int or str

Specifies the current iteration, defaults to None