aligner.multiprocessing.get_lda_nnet(config, align_directory, num_jobs)[source]

Multiprocessing function that extracts training examples and does LDA transformation


for more details on the Kaldi binary this runs.

Also see for the original bash script that this function was based on.

nnet_dir : str

Directory of nnet training

ali_dir : str

Directory of previous alignment

ivector_dir : str

Directory of the extracted i-vectors

training_dir : str

Directory of combined “split” files (e.g. utt2spk, cmvn.scp)

split_dir : str

Directory of training data split into the number of jobs

feats : str

Path to features

sil_phones : str

Colon-separated list of silence phones

config : NnetBasicConfig

Configuration object for training

num_jobs : int

The number of processes to use in calculation